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Review by Tomas Kohl 'Gira gira August 2019

"'Coviello's arrangements are always clever, distinct, and there is no "red line". He is not afraid to take a tune to a completely new direction. Jamas retornarás, for example, keeps the basic elements recognizable but throws out all Caló's pathos and seriousness.

Same with Quiero verte una vez más. The introduction of the theme is maximum staccato, a bullet show. It only comes back later in the legato form.

Caricias received a more reserved treatment. The mood is still lyrical and the bandoneon sings beautifully after the staccato introduction by the violins.

Of the remakes, Buscándote shines the brightest. The staccatos are kept in check, the mood is relaxed and happy as it should be. The arrangement has the most fidelity without being slavish."

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Review by Arndt Büssing December 2019:

"What a wonderful, old-fashioned (in its best sense) album! Sexteto Andiamo spreads a great cafe-house atmosphere, where my heart rises: A warm, nostalgic sound is rolled out and there is no chance to resist. Their music is dominated by the typical sound of two bandoneons (Stine Engen and Anderson Perea da Silva), two violins (Santiago Zamboni and Gonzalo Lesta), piano (Mariano Flores González) and double-bass (Luigi Coviello).

The ten compositions with the mostly simple and elated melodies are all danceable, and surely will bring the milongueros and milongueras to the dance floor wherever they may play. "


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