The tango group Sexteto Andiamo is 100% danceable. 'Bien milonguero' as it is said in Spanish. It is a group of young musicians with a lot of energy. It's a tango that points towards the future with new compositions and new arrangements without breaking with the tradition. The music characterized by an interesting counterpoint, great dynamics and an unique expression with easy recognizable melodies accompanied by a powerful performance with will captivate also the non-dancing audience. The tango of Andiamo is a breath of fresh air to the glorious genre and guaranties a special night!



Inspired by the biggest orchestras of the 40’s, Sexteto Andiamo preserves the great milonguero spirit and gives it at the same time its own personal stamp with the combination of new compositions of tangos, milongas and waltzes and also new arrangements of the best classic tangos! Sexteto Andiamo was founded in Buenos Aires in the end of 2013 at first as a smaller format of Orquesta Típica Andariega and both groups are today directed by the double bass player Luigi Coviello.

Andiamo means “let’s go” in Italian. But in Argentina they speak Spanish! The tango was as a matter of fact born between the immigrants in the port of Buenos Aires more than 100 years ago. There were especially many Italians and many of the tango musicians were for the same reason Italian. In Andiamo the Italian influence is totally fresh! Coviello was born in the Southern Italy. Maybe it was because of this connection between the tango and his native country that he during a shorter visit in Buenos Aires more than a decade ago got so fascinated by the music that he decided to stay! Sexteto Andiamo can in that sense be seen as a new expression of the European Encounter with the South American port city. Also another member has European origins, the bandoneon player Engen is from Denmark.

The Sexteto plays during the year in different stages in their home city, Buenos Aires. Beside of the national activities the group has done four European Tour in 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 with more than 115 concerts where the group has played in different milongas and concert halls in France, Greece, Spain, Italy, Poland, Holland,  Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

During these tours the group has played at the BB tango festival in Bielsko  - Biala (PO), Le lunghe notte della orchestre in Torino (IT), Tangoball in Schwerin (DE), La Viruta comes to Berlin (DE), The 20 Years Aniversary of the Tango Association in Bordeaux (FR) among others! 

Sexteto Andiamo invites you inside the magic universe of tango, which fascinates people all over the world. The Sexteto promises a great night on the dance floor and to keep the listener truly entertained with its lively music and dynamic performance!​










luigi coviello
double bass & Conductor
stine helkjaer engen
bandoneon  & Ass. Conductor
Matias González
Anderson Perea da Silva
Santiago Zamboni
Gonzalo lesta




Quiero verte una vez más  - (Canaro)
Tormenta -  (Discèpolo)
Jamás retornarás  - ( Caló - Maderna)
Buscándote -  (Scalise)
Yo no sé que me han hecho tu ojos  -  (Canaro)
Maratea - (coviello)
Al compás del corazon -  (Federico –Expósito)
Poema -  (Melfi – Bianco)
Loca -  (Jovés)
Esta  noche  de luna -  (Garcia – Gómez – Marcó),
Todo te  nombra -   (Canaro),
Oigo tu voz -  (Canaro) 
Caricias-  (Bigeschi – Martí),
Te aconsejo que me olvides -  (Maffia – Curi)
Inspiración - (paulos)
 el amanecer  -  (Firpo)
Corralera -  (Aieta)
Sin tu amor - (coviello)
lontano - (coviello)
gira gira - (coviello)